Some institution helped recycling process by renting roll off dumpsters from us

The idea of helping environment preservation and decreasing global pollution by applying recycling systems is getting more and more popular worldwide, in Jacksonville area as well. To promote it, most waste removal companies adjusted their job according to these standards and expanded their equipment arsenal with recycling dumpsters, roll off dumpsters and other recycling devices. At the same time, many influential institutions helped the promotion of recycling idea by getting involved with recycling services and renting recycling roll of dumpsters. Our company is currently partnering with many public institutions and big corporations providing them with standard and specific recycling roll-off dumpsters for disposing of their waste.

Two schools in Jacksonville recycle with our help

Local schools have joined the recycling service recently and arranged long-term contracts with our company. We provide them with a standard set of recycling roll-off dumpsters and collect the sorted waste weekly. According to the type of their trash, schools primarily require the largest size recycling dumpster designed to hold paper, carbon card, and plastic items. It is a great decision, not only because of all the benefits recycling provides itself, but it is also a great example to all the children attending these schools.

 Jacksonville general hospital recycles with our company

Another public institution giving a great example of environmentally responsible behavior and helping the project of the healthier world by recycling with our company is Jacksonville general hospital. Since hospitals usually produce a lot of waste that requires careful and specific methods of disposing of, we provide them with a standard set of recycling roll-off dumpsters, plus the largest size roll off dumpster specifically designed to hold hazardous, toxic, organic and medical waste. The waste is collected weekly and delivered to local recycling service with a great caution.

Local construction industry recycles using our equipment

There are many construction projects going on in Jacksonville, whether it’s demolition, remodeling, renovation or building projects. All of these jobs result in huge amounts of waste requiring complex methods of disposing of. Our company assists local construction industry with specific recycling roll-off dumpster designed to collect and hold heavy construction materials and to deliver it to a local recycling service. By joining our recycling program, local construction industry promotes recycling idea across the whole Jacksonville region.