Roll-off Containers used for recycling: types and sizes

Since our company has been in the waste disposal industry for years, we have a large assortment of services to offer and quite powerful equipment in our stock. Depending on the type of waste you have to remove, we can provide various types and sizes of dumpsters, but when it comes to the recycling program, there is a standard set of recycling dumpsters provided to clients. Roll-off containers rented temporarily by residents and companies designed for sorting the waste out and enabling recycling process are divided into several categories.

Blue recycling dumpster

This dumpster holds recyclable materials, such as paper, glass bottles, food or drink cans, plastic items, carbon card and much more. Blue recycling dumpster usually comes with three to four recycling boxes and the size varies from 10 to 40 yards. A collection of these dumpsters is provided weekly.

Brown recycling dumpster

Brown recycling dumpster is designed to hold food waste of any kind. It includes all types of trashed food, but you should not put liquids inside or food cans. Food passed its best date falls into this dumpster to.

Garden waste dumpster

Many residents require recycling dumpsters for backyard projects, while businesses use these dumpsters for landscaping projects. These dumpsters are designed to hold organic materials, such as grass, leaves, weeds and similar.

Green recycling dumpster

Every our client involved into recycling program gets a standard green recycling roll-off dumpster designed to collect non-recyclable materials. It’s important to mention that clothes, medical waste, electronics and other hazardous materials should be placed into special bags and we will deliver it to the local recycling service.

All recycling dumpsters come in several sizes, usually from 10 to 40 yards with additional features, such as recycling bags, nets for strengthening the bags and much more. The best is to contact our experts, discuss the details and nature of your job and they will suggest you the optimal model of recycling dumpster for your needs.