What materials go into residential recycling dumpster?

There is a long list of recyclable materials, but the most common include paper, carbon card, plastic, metal, glass. There is, also, a list of non-recyclable materials and the general non-recyclable waste goes into another recycle dumpster. Hazardous materials require special treatment and careful disposal.

When are residential recycling dumpsters collected?

Recycling dumpsters collecting recyclable materials, such as paper, plastic and glass are collected weekly. The weekly collection is provided for food waste as well. Non-recyclable waste is collected every two to three weeks unless arranged otherwise.

What types of recycling cards can I order?

Our company provides routine set including dumpster for recyclable materials, dumpster for food, another one for garden materials and non-recyclable materials. If necessary, you can order various dumpster specifically designed for various purposes, such as collection of toxic materials.